When is a hurricane not a hurricane?

Answer: When it is a deep extra-tropical depression. 

Why is it that everytime we pull Morpheus out of the water it rains?

Worse than that what is the connection between pulling Morpheus and the really bad weather that often follows immediately??

October 2015 for instance

We hauled Morpheus yesterday.

Deb pointed this connection out to me earlier this week as we began to see the forecast for a very strong low to pass just offshore last night.

Early forecasts were for up to 4 inches of rain in some areas and widespread winds of 40+ knots, gusting over 70, with some 80 knots!!

We didn’t get the heavy heavy rains but we did have super strong winds!! I’ve seen a record of one gust over 100mph!!

This from my favorite local weather forecaster..

Eastern MA is getting absolutely rocked. Unbelievable! Many gusts over 80mph. A few higher exposed locations have gusted over 100mph. Truro, MA on a bluff top station that’s 30’ above the ground and exposed to the east gusted to 113mph! Wow. High tide is absolutely rocking Eastern MA right now too. Waves are over 30’ at Stellwagen Bank! If these tides were astronomically high this would be catastrophic out there. As it is this is quite close to what eastern MA endured during the Perfect Storm. The storm is currently just SE of Nantucket. It has not backed west as far as expected yet, and it likely begins heading a bit SW as the loop continues. As such, CT has been spared the damaging gusts. Still a couple hours for winds in E CT and RI to ramp up a bit. Block Island is still increasing…now sustained at 37mph, gusting to 64 mph.

So, yes, we are happy to have Morpheus safe and out of the water! Timing is everything and our good luck continues…

Unfortunately, some were not so lucky.


    1. Yes. Initially I was not in favor of the mast out thing due to all the work involved stripping it down, etc. But, I did find a couple of small issues to work on during the process and you are right, the boat is safer with the mast out.


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