And then this happened!!

Parker Jones Gregory!!

Born July 12th!!

That’s right, Patrick and Kelsey are now the proud parents of a perfect baby boy. And yes, that does make us officially Grand Parents!! Wow.

It’s super frustrating for us to be 3,000 miles away, but that’s been the plan all along as Parker’s parents thought a couple of weeks to “figure things out” would be a good thing.

So, immediately after Parker’s big day, Debbie and I shifted into “going to California” mode.

We sailed Morpheus back to the boatyard in Connecticut (with the mandatory stop in Block Island) and spent a weekend re-loading the 13 boxes and misc loose equipment that we had removed for BIRW.

Where does all this stuff fit?

We loaded the racing sails and anything we thought that we could do without into our car and rented u-haul trailer

We are going to need a bigger trailer!

We hauled Morpheus

Safe & Sound

and hopped in the car on our way to meet our new Grandson, via my nephew Mike Beasley’s wedding this weekend in Huntsville, Alabama!!

There’s a lot going on in this family right now!!


  1. That’s so wonderful!! I’m so jealous. Parker, what a great name! Post pictures!! Safe travels. Stay away from the Delta V.


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