Tropical Storm Elsa

Sitting on a strong & sheltered mooring in Newort. we are right in the bullseye for this one. Will update until she passes by…
May be an image of map, sky and text

The winds have shifted from SE to the West. The eye passed a couple hours ago. It was interesting to see the winds pick up once again after the storm passed. Now the sun is out and the winds are slowly easing. All is well. We survived another one and this one was ultimately pretty easy.

Well, we are in the “eye” of Elsa right now. Theoretically, that means that the worst has passed us by. From a wind point of view it turned out to be a non event. The rain on the otherhand has been very impressive. My decks are clean!!

Some serious rainfall right now, but local winds are averaging about 20 knots. Block Island has seen 50+ knot gusts. I guess I’m happy we are here. The worst bit should be over the next hour or two. I’m beginning to think we are good.

First gust of wind over 30. Avg. 15-20 from 120M

Sailboat came in to pick up mooring nearby. Man yelling at wife missed mooring three times. I was getting nervous until the NYYC launch driver helped out.

Easy night. Winds 10-15 from SE. Light rain and fog.

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