Hurricane Henri

We are safe in Maine!! But two of our favorite places and a couple of my favorite boats are going to have a tough day today.

Once again, I have some catching up to do blog wise but a current update needs to take priority.

Deb and I returned from an amazing trip to meet our new grandson Parker six days ago. At that time there was discussion of a tropical storm out by Bermuda but no concern that it might be an issue for us.

That changed the next day when weather models started showing possible landfall somewhere along New England and then a trip NE along the coast of Maine!!

As our friend Judy Bentsen said yesterday as she encouraged us to stay away, we are the worst storm magnet in the universe!

So, what to do when you don’t know which way will be safe??

You call your friend Gibb Kane who has helped you with weather decisions for years!

At that point, he couldn’t be sure. Henri looked to be heading towards Cape Cod, but the models were all over the place. We had plans to head to Maine. Hurricanes don’t like cold water, so we started towards Maine but stopped and waited Thursday night on the north side of the Cape Cod Canal to keep our options open. Stress levels were VERY high.

Friday morning, Gibb sent the message “I would go to Maine”. That was good enough for us, and off we went on a 135nm straight shot to Boothbay, Maine.

Right now Henri is making its final approach and that call to head to Maine has most certainly proven to be the correct move. Thank you again Gibb!!

Unfortunately, today two of my favorite places – Block Island, and Newport, RI are in for a tough tough day.

Below from another weather guru…

So the spread among models is narrowing to the following forecast: directly over or within 10mi either side of BlockIsland about Noon, with landfall along the mainland in Western RhodeIsland, about midway between WatchHillRI and PointJudithRI, about 2pm.

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