10/10/10 for 10 Years!

We can’t let today slide by without mentioning that this day ten years ago was our long time target date for departure on what became a ten year adventure onboard our boat “Morpheus”.

This would be an even better story if we had actually managed to leave on our target date. Instead, we ended up leaving 3 days “late”. Even so, having that target date was hugely important in motivating us to get our act together and get going.

I know there is more to come, but somehow this extended Covid-19 induced stay in California is making it seam like one significant door has closed behind us.

Luckily, the boat is still on the East Coast and more adventure awaits…

10/10/10 – Our Last Tune-up Sail on SF Bay!


  1. We should get together and celebrate the good times in Mx, BVI, Guadaloupe, Dominica, Antigua and Spain we had together. It’ain’t over till the fat lady sings, could it be that we cross paths again?


  2. It’s always an adventure w you two!!!
    Cheers for all the great times past and the many many more too come!!


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