We Have Run Aground!

Happy Holidays everybody!!

As many of you know, we put Morpheus into storage in Connecticut this past July and returned to our home in Danville.

Our tenants lease expired at the end of July, and with Covid-19 making cruising challenging, it seemed like a good time to head back to California and take care of some projects that resulted from 10 years of deferred maintenance.

Well, we are still here. Initially, we held onto the option of returning to Morpheus in the Fall and sailing South for another Caribbean winter, but the Covid situation certainly has not improved, and we are finding more than enough to keep us busy here.

So, the new “plan” is to keep working on the house until next Spring and then hopefully return to the boat in May 2021.

Plans do have a way of changing, so check in for updates now and then.

In the meantime, please stay healthy out there, be smart and don’t let your guard down. Especially now when we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

-Jim and Deb

PS. Some photos from the project that has been keeping us busy lately. Building a 120′ retaining wall in our backyard!! Much more of a project than I realized.


  1. Free Range Chicken is also quarantined, at least for now.
    We have very good friends who live at 311 Loma Linda in Danville. They got in the first five of the most decorated houses in your County. Stop by and say hello to Terri and Tom. They come with us every time we do a Moorings Charter in Belize and Bahamas where we can’t take the Chicken. Really fun people to know.
    Sharon And Bruce.

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