Coronavirus Lockdown Doesn’t Seem So Bad

Sometimes even when you really try your best to appreciate where you are and what you are doing, you really need to look back at it a few months down the road to truly understand just how good things were.

Such is the case now when we look back at our time last March/April under Coronavirus lockdown in Barbuda.

Those of you that read this blog from time to time know that Deb and I have returned to our house in Danville, Ca. to ride out the rest of this Coronavirus disaster. We are taking advantage of this forced return to take care of many of the issues caused by ten years of deferred house/property maintenance.

I’ve traded in kitesurfing and boat maintenance for HVAC replacement, deck construction, electrical upgrades/repairs, and other fun house related projects.

So, right now, Coronavirus lockdown on Barbuda sounds pretty darn good to me!!

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  1. And don’t you just love it when Facebook gives you those “this is where you were 1 year ago” photos and you were in some amazing place compared to your current somewhat more ordinary place. At least you are nowhere near the hurricane down south.


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