Newport, RI.

As a kid, I visited Newport a couple of times with my family as part of Stamford YC summer cruises. On more than one occasion, we would arrive during Americas Cup challenger series and I was awed by the 12-meters of the day sailing out of the harbor to do battle. More often than not in those days, I’d be left on the boat babysitting my brothers and sisters while our parents went off and enjoyed Newport.

Later, during and after my college days, I was lucky enough to sail as crew with friends in regattas that took place on the waters off Newport. I fell in love with the town, its history, and its maritime culture. It was also a fun place to hang out and enjoy the crowds and a few cold beverages between races.

I often would finish a regatta and wonder when and if I might return. Well, I shouldn’t have worried. I have returned many many times. Even so, I never imagined that I would ever sail into this harbor on my own boat!

Well, on July 9th, I finished my 600nm+ journey from Charleston, SC and entered the harbor that I often refer to as my personal fantasy land. It was a beautiful afternoon made even better by the fact that when we arrived at the NYYC and asked for our mooring assignment they put us on the first mooring right off the club!!

I stayed in Newport for four days and managed to visit as many friends as possible. Covid-19 makes this more difficult that most times, but social distance visiting is still possible.

Here are some photos from my visit…

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