Leg #3: Chesapeake to Newport, RI

With full diesel tanks, I set out again on the last leg of my journey to Newport, RI.

Again, the weather was calm and again I was motoring the entire way.

The really great thing about this leg was that Gibb Kane, and Pete Todd had teamed up to get me some support for the last 200+ miles of the trip.

I left the Chesapeake at noon, and traveled overnight with Cape May, NJ. as my planned intermediate stop.

Gibb and Pete met in Rye, NY and took off for Cape May at about 9am on the morning we were to meet. Things worked out perfectly.

The only marina with enough water depth to handle Morpheus had an available spot at the dock and a fantastic Crab/Seafood restaurant! We all arrived within 10 minutes of each other, enjoyed a quick lunch and then Pete and I were on our way.

Once again, no wind, so no stories to tell. It was just a straight forward boring passage from there.

Just the way I like them!!!

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