1. Jim-

    Just checked your tracker and see you have entered the Chesapeake. If you are continuing in the Bay, I will offer to get you in to Oxford, MD. You could stay at Tred Avon Yacht Club, as my guest. I could take you in to Easton (9 miles) to re-provision.

    Let me know, I live in Easton and keep a boat in Oxford. Tel# 609-618-0922

    Talbot County has about the lowest incidence of the plague in the region. Just about everyone around here is diligent about masks, etc., and has been since March.



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    1. Jeff – thanks for that offer but I am here to get some much needed sleep and fuel and then back at it. Reinforcements meeting me in Cape May. Can’t keep them waiting!!!


      1. Jim- are you going to head up the Chesapeake, or go outside to Cape May? The offer is good for any day this week if you are staying inside the Bay.

        Irrespective, stay safe & be well.


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