Leg #1: Charleston to Beaufort, NC.

30 hours, 211 nautical miles.

No issues. Autopilot seems to be its old self. Treating her nicely!!

Made it to Beaufort, N.C. yesterday at about noon after an overnight passage. Conditions were benign setting the tone for the entire trip up the coast. I motored all day/night and never saw more than 8-9 knots of wind.

I set up my radar with a proximity alarm, set up the AIS system with a similar alarm, and hooked up an Alarm program on my PC to the boat stereo system. With the sound system volume cranked up I made it through the night via 45-60 minute naps. I’d wake up, reset the alarm, look around to confirm that all was well, and then go right back to sleep.

What a party this was on the 4th of July!! Hundreds of powerboats lined the shores and the anchorage was full of boats of all kinds. US Flags everywhere, music, boat toys, etc. It looked like opening day at Sams for those of you from the Bay Area!

I found a quiet corner of the anchorage. Dropped my anchor, had a cold beverage to celebrate a successful passage and went right to sleep!

Today, we take on Cape Hatteras. The infamous cape surrounded by the graveyard of the Atlantic!

Care will be taken, and the weather forecast is for very light winds. Looks like I’ll need to refuel in Norfolk!!


PS. Will repost with images…

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