Risk Assessment: Hurricanes vs. Corona virus

Is there a mathematician out there that knows how to calculate the relative risk of staying in a hurricane zone vs. entering an actively growing corona virus zone??

South Carolina

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Did we make a good decision to leave the Caribbean and return to the States?

I am beginning to seriously doubt that we did!!

  • South Carolina Daily Corona virus infections set all time highs in 5 of last 6 days.
  • Florida (where Chris lives and Deb goes tomorrow) has seen a 25% spike in cases since restrictions began to be relaxed. Set all time daily high yesterday.
  • vs.
  • The Caribbean has had zero hurricanes or tropical storms.
  • Antigua/Barbuda has had exactly one additional corona virus case since we left.

When we left the Caribbean, the US corona virus data seemed to be improving across the board. And then, our president began pressuring states governors to begin relaxing restrictions. He did this despite the fact that most of the states had not yet come close to guidelines released just a week earlier by the white house!

If you have a highly infectious disease spread via proximity to other people what did these politicians think was going to happen when you ease up on restrictions and obviously have more people in close proximity to one another??

As Debbie would say, “Duh”!

And, I can’t blame it all on the politicians. People have a right to make their own decisions.

And the way I see it, the people around us now are not the smartest examples of our breed. Less than 10% wear a mask when out and about. I’ve seen bars packed with people three rows deep, and more than a few crowded restaurants.

I’m not a doctor, but I took plenty of math courses. It’s brain dead easy to see that more people will get infected. And, more people will die!!


Let’s add a trump Rally!

Why Oklahoma?

Oklahoma’s numbers are spiking and Trump is going to cram over 12,000 screaming people inside an auditorium next week so that he can ramble on about what a great job he’s doing and throw out some more personal insults.

People will die as a result of attending this rally. (Admittedly all candidates for a darwin award. Do they give out group awards?)

Does Trump care? Apparently not, just as long as they’ve all signed the declaration that they won’t sue him or his organization.

This country has lost it’s mind while we’ve been gone.

I’m thinking we need to leave again asap!


  1. Everywhere in the world it feeling the effects of this virus. In NZ we have zero cases now yet the economic fallout is going to be felt for years with massive unemployment and social disruption. Keep safe Jim and Deb, be sensible and protect your health.


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