And the winner is…

Paul Mitchell – Winner!

Among several strong entries, Paul Mitchell’s theory of teleporters was far and away the most entertaining answer to our recent quiz. Our judges have declared him the contest winner!

Debbie and I first met Paul and Amanda in 2002 during our first cruise. We were attending Musket Cove “race week” in Fiji

Fast forward to 2015 and we met again in Sardinia, and then 2016 in Greece, and 2018 in Spain.

Lots of fun!!

PS. For those that need the answer, we have Susan Callahan to thank. I think she got tired of hearing the rest of us talking about our latest theory, so get this she just walked over and asked someone on the boat!

It turns out that one of the pods is an elevator, and the other is just there to provide symmetry.


  1. Susu, that’s cheating! Now the real question. Which one is the elevator and which one is the teleporter? A boat like that’s gotta have both.


  2. Firstly I would like to thank the judges. It was a tough group of international contestants so I am humbled and honoured that I was victorious. I would like to thank my manager and all my support crew, this really has been a team effort. I would like to dedicate my win to world peace and saving the frogs. But mostly I would like to thank my wife Amanda, without who’s love and support none of this would have been possible
    As to the prize money, I will be donating half to charity and will use the other half to buy a new motorhome so that I can spread peace and joy about the land.

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