What were They Thinking?

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but…

At times I’ve thought that maybe we were just paranoid regarding Covid-19 having not had to deal with the initial lockdown phase.

At other times, we’ve thought “duh, what do you think is going to happen when you open states where the current conditions are worse than when you started the initial lockdown?”

Well, it’s pretty clear which of those thoughts were correct.

Case counts in South Carolina are five times worse than when we arrived.

The story is the same in Florida where Chris lives, and Deb is currently house/dog sitting.

Despite what our politicians may have been saying, there was no reason to think things would not get worse if we relaxed when we did.

Our president, our governors, our mayors that back “easing off the brakes” had no reason to think things would not get worse.

They were and are simply making decisions that are trading lives for economic recovery.

The scary thing really is that so many individuals seem unable to see the truth. They are choosing to believe the folks running for re-election and are out and about taking little or no precautions.

Are people really that dumb? It appears that they are.


  1. It does appear the that people are that dumb. The virus doesn’t listen to certain polititians.

    It’s easy to tell where the next outbreak is. It’s where Trump is having a rally.

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