What are they?

Our first contest a few days ago was fun, so I’ve come up with another.

There is a large super-yacht docked in our marina. It’s name is “C2”. Not a very interesting boat name but very impressive. Google it or check out this link for some photos and more info on the yacht.

Anyway, on to the quiz/contest…

What are those round cylinders on the top deck?

C2 has been here as long as we have (almost a month) and Deb, myself, JC, and Susu have been trying to figure out what the two round cylinders are on the top deck. We’ve talked about them many times, used google to do some research, and yet still no answer.

Sometimes they are covered in canvas, at other times the crew can be seen hosing them down, occasionally they seem to retract into the deck. But normally they appear just as they are in this picture.

The best that I’ve been able to come up with is that they are a matched pair of Orgasmatrons.

You know, just like the ones in that 1973 Woody Allen movie “Sleeper”? My theory being that the technology has evolved to the point where the man and woman do not have to squeeze into one but instead can enjoy much more room to move around (or whatever) in their own very non private glass Orgasmatron. (BTW – do not google “orgasmatron picture” with children anywhere nearby!)

Old Technology

For those of you too young to see the movie.

So. What do you think? Does anyone know what those things really are?

Does anyone have a theory better than mine??


  1. These quantum teleportation pods are quickly becoming the must have accessory for the super yacht set. They work line of sight and currently have a range of about 30nm. You can teleport ashore without having to get into the tender. You need two because you can only teleport one person at a time and you need to wait about 2 hours between teleports for the pods to cool down. When you saw the crew hosing it down was probably to cool it more quickly for an impatent owner wanting to return ahead of schedule. Next time you see the owners, if they look unnaturally tanned it is a sure sign they have been prematurely teleporting. You need to retract them while underway as the sub atomic gamma rays it emits interfere with the auto pilot and make the radar a bit fuzzy.

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  2. This reminds me of the poem from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (adapted)
    I teleported home last night with Jim and Deb and Sid
    Jim stole Debbies heart away
    And I got Sidneys leg


  3. Whatever the result, we loved the post!! Sleeper was a big deal. Craig actually married Annie Hall (my maiden name! –no surprise that I was happy to take on Perez as my surname!)

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