Memorial Day Weekend


  • We had a really great weekend visiting with our son Christopher in Jacksonville, Florida. Chris started a job at the end of March working for Florida Blue Insurance as a programmer and is loving life.
  • He had a rough start as he only had two days in the office prior to the “work from home” decision and had not even met his boss during those two days. Somehow he navigated the early challenges and is now firmly entrenched and busy being productive. His best line was “I think I can get used to this making a living wage thing!”
  • We spent three days doing very little other than sitting around our hotel room catching up. Limited though that was, we all enjoyed being in the same room.
  • The Covid-19 situation left very few entertainment options for us.
  • You wouldn’t know that if you looked around. Folks down here seem to believe that Covid-19 is a conspiracy to take down Trump as far as we can tell.
  • Maybe we are the ones that have it wrong, but being new to all this we are definitely on the paranoid side of things.
  • Check this link out for an idea of what we ran into –
  • The crazy thing is that we’ve seen big crowds standing shoulder to shoulder in bars/restaurants, crowds on the beaches, and the vast majority of people not wearing masks!
  • All this while the moving average of daily cases here in SC is NOT going down. What are we missing??
  • On the positive accomplishment side, we were able to find a good deal on a used car and now have our own wheels that will allow us to get around town without a rental car, and eventually drive ourselves and a bunch of our gear to California sometime in late July.


  • We are back onboard now and trying to figure out how to hunker down and become hermits for a few weeks. I’ll put together a separate post for our plans, but the expectation is that things get a bit boring from here unless you are really into hearing about my success or failures regarding boat projects.

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