Welcome to The South


  • We are tied up for the month at the Charleston city marina. Very nice place with everything we need and close to downtown. Good move.
  • Yesterday we saw some incredible thunderstorms and rain roll through the area. And a tornado warning as well!!
  • Kim is finally home!! She left Tuesday AM, stopped to visit with Candace Shattuck in Oxford, Maryland for a night, and then completed her journey to Newport on Wed. Total time gone from home 71 days!!!
  • We’ve been able to visit (carefully) with Lyn and Peggy Comfort. Also with Wally and Suzy Carey. Great to catch up with all of them. So many years of sailing and adventures with them all.
  • Tonight, Deb and I are going to have a drink with Stephen Kavanagh. He just happens to also have his boat here in Charleston. Stephen was one of Rob Moore’s all time best friends. They were childhood friends and “grew up” together.

COVID-19 and Charleston

  • Deb and I are more than a little concerned to see how folks here are handling the new realities of life under this virus.
  • 99% of the people we see in the marina, along the roads, or in places like West Marine and Home Depot are NOT wearing masks. (We are!)
  • Last weekend, some bars and restaurants were jam packed some shoulder to shoulder with folks celebrating the loosening of restrictions. We opted for other locations and in fact only purchased food from places with roadside pickup.
  • The numbers I see show only a very small reduction in daily new cases from the peak a few weeks ago.
  • My guess is the locals are tempting fate and that we will see a spike in this area soon.
  • Deb and I will do our best to become hermits after saying our initial hellos to friends in the area. When we do see friends we are keeping our distance and trying to stay healthy.


  1. Please do keep yourself safe and healthy so we can catch up again once we are all allowed to travel again?


  2. So glad to hear you two are safe and well and in Charleston. Here RYC is not open – a skeleton crew working and a night security guard because of theft issues. Live aboard a are doing a great job keeping an eye on everything. CA is starting to open up but most are still SIP. Yacht Club is planning to have a real Beer Can Race soon. Kers was the speaker talking about his sailing history w/ the Etchells’ fleets at last night’s Virtual Beer Can. Hope to see you both soon.


    1. We hope to be in the Bay Area by late July for a while. Need to settle into one spot and wait for things to work themselves out. Look forward to seeing you and all at RYC!


  3. Jim it actually was a tornado. Small …only 90k. That was too close for me!!!!

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