Our NEW”Plans” (as of July 23rd)

Updated: July 23rd

Both Deb and I are asked about our plans multiple times each day. While the truth is that they continue to change daily, we have decided to try to write them up once as a blog post and then see how they change over time. Here goes…

Now – June 15th

  • We have Morpheus tied up at the Charleston City Marina and will keep her here at least until June 15th.
  • We have plenty of projects to keep us busy, so the next few weeks will be all about getting Morpheus ready to come out of the water here in Charleston and be stored on land for a period of time while we wait to see how the Covid-19 world settles.

Debbie & Christopher

  • Deb is planning to spend this time down in Ft. Myers helping out her sister Tori and brother in law Barry.
  • Christopher (remember he is working from home) is going to come up to Charleston and spend two weeks these four weeks with me on Morpheus!!

Old Plan

  • I will have Morpheus hauled, placed on land, and will load up the car with everything that we do not want to leave on Morpheus.
  • Chris and I will go pick up Debbie in Ft. Myers.
  • We will drop Chris off in Jacksonville, FL.
  • The tenants currently in our house have a lease that ends July 15th.

New Plan (written after the fact)

  • Covid-19 was running wild in South Carolina and it was easy to see why anytime you drove by a restaurant or bar. They were packed with people who seemed to think that Covid either didn’t exist, or had run away.
  • The summer temperatures and humidity in Charleston became unbearable.
  • Finally, I discovered that South Carolina wanted to tax the boat if I stayed more than six months.
  • So, the decision to move on and sail the boat back to the Northeast where we were lucky enough to have lots of friends and an existing relationship with a boat yard.
  • I left Charleston on July 3rd. Chris headed home. Deb continued to help her sister in Florida.
  • After arriving in Newport, I was able to spend a few days there and then two days at Block Island before taking the boat to Pilots Point Marina, in Westbrook, CT.
  • Debbie left Florida on July 15th, stopped in Charleston, loaded the car with all the stuff that we want to drive to California, and then met me in Westbook, Ct.
  • We finished putting the boat to bed on July 22nd.
  • We plan to begin our drive to California on Sat, July 25th.

once we are in california

  • August 1st?
  • We will move back into our house for an undetermined period of time.
  • We have many improvement projects that we’d like to tackle while we wait for the rest of the world to move beyond Covid-19

possible future(s)

  • We return to Morpheus in Nov/Dec and explore the southern Caribbean that we had planned to see this year.
  • I help Gibb Kane sail his Swan 66 to NZ next May-Dec.
  • We leave Morpheus in Charleston Connecticut and focus on a European canal boat adventure in 2021.
  • We return to Morpheus and begin the long journey back to San Francisco.


  1. At least 2 of those possible futures sound particularly interesting to us. Sailing to NZ and the canal boat one. Both of which we see a potential crossing of paths.


  2. You will be welcomed with open arms back in California….

    By the Franchise Tax Board, Covered California, CALTRANS, Bay Area FastTrak and so many, many more.


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