Barbuda Visit #2 Day #6


  • We will sail for Charleston on the morning of May 8th!!
  • No new cases of Covid-19 on Antigua/Barbuda.
  • The government now is allowing churches to hold services while those in attendance wear masks and practice proper social distancing.


  • The dinghy floor has been patched again. This time with proper two part glue and heavy patch material. Too early to celebrate but it seems to be working!


  • Kitesurfing has filled my days. This place is just indescribably great!
  • We threw a sunset “going away party” for ourselves on the beach last night and the entire anchorage came!!


  1. Safe passage. Still locked down and Rhode Island is requiring 14 quarantine if you arrive by boat or out of state license plate.

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  2. Bon voyage. Love the kiteboarding pics. I’ve enjoyed following your adventures during the lock down in Pt. Richmond. Take care!

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    1. Thanks Chris. I have a feeling that we are going to regret leaving Barbuda. If you have to be stuck that was about the best place possible!!


  3. I forwarded this post to Tom. He had two comments: 1) That lucky bastard! 2) Those people are brown. We are going into winter here in NZ and becoming very pale. Have a good voyage.

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    1. Ha ha! Yes, we’ve been pretty lucky so far during this virus disaster. Heading to the US now is probably not going to be an improvement. But, needs to be done!!


  4. Hey Jim, Deb and Kim! I’ve been terribly negligent in responding to your updates but I promise you following your posts has been the highlight of my morning the past 40 days!! Of course very glad you are all safe and healthy. Kim certainly deserves some sort of lifetime achievement award, and I’m certainly glad you never ran out of rum (right?), otherwise insanity would have surely soon followed. Wishing you fair winds and a safe, boring sail back to Charleston! Joe & Michelle

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