We Are Out of Here!!

After about 50 days of sheltering in place, we have spotted our weather window and will be leaving Antigua tomorrow morning bound for Charleston, SC.

We understand that we’ve had it pretty good over the past 50 days. In fact, we can’t imagine things working out much better for us than the way they have.

Of course, Kim would have preferred to return home as planned after 10 days of visiting, but even she agrees that if you had to be stuck, this was the place to be stuck.

Why Charleston?

Well. Charleston does not have a 14 day quarantine requirement. Charleston is warm. Charleston is where Kim’s parents spend the winter. Charleston has very good marinas and a strong marine industry. Charleston is a four hour drive to Jacksonville, FL. where our son Christopher is working/living. And…Charleston is normally a fun place to hang out.

How long will it take?

Our best estimate is that we will arrive in 7-8 days. Best guess ETA is 5/16.

What next?

We are not really sure how things will evolve once we arrive. Kim will no doubt find the quickest way to head home. Lyn and Peg Comfort are nearby and we may be able to visit a bit. Ultimately, I think we will haul the boat and find a way back to California for a bit. Our house is leased through July 15th. Maybe we will put some time and effort into some improvements until this virus mess finishes and we’ll take it from there.

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