Barbuda Visit #2 Day #3


  • No new cases of covid-19 in Antigua/Barbuda.
  • Antigua announced that the quarantine will be lifted in two weeks. Borders will remain closed.
  • Eight boats remain here in our harbor
  • One boat left , no new arrivals.
  • We are watching the weather very carefully now and are targeting the next week for our departure.
  • Destination Newport or South Carolina.


  • Great news! The patch on the dinghy floor is holding!! I used TearAid which is an adhesive backed clear vinyl tape, and then added a piece of Kevlar sail repair tape on top for strength. So far so good!!
  • Surprising news. I finally finished the heater project!! I am now covered in little fiberglass splinters from the exhaust insulation, but everything is in place, tested, and functional!!


  • Lunch on Solmates was fun with burgers and pizza delivered. The burger was fantastic!!
  • Snorkeling yesterday was really great. Tons of great coral and fish of many varieties and sizes. I saw a small 3ft shark! And, a baby barracuda.


  • I can’t believe that I haven’t mentioned this before.
  • Have you ever seen a green flash at sunset?
  • Well, until recently I had not seen one either. In fact, I was convinced that they really didn’t even exist.
  • But, guess what? We’ve now seen several/many green flashes at sunset while anchored here in Barbuda.
  • Will try to get a video or picture the next time.

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  1. Nice to hear about seeing the Green flash. I have seen it once, so I know it is real.

    Stay safe and well. Have a trip north.


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