Barbuda Visit #2 Day #1


  • We’re back!!
  • We have returned to Barbuda, and are carefully watching the weather looking for a good time to sail North. Destination somewhere between Charleston and Newport.
  • One new case of Covid-19 in Antigua/Barbuda.
  • Total case number is now 25.
  • 9 boats in the anchorage now. No new boats.


  • There is good news to report on the dinghy repair front.
  • The dinghy floor puncture has been patched and appears to be holding air! I used a patch material called “TearAid”. Impressive stuff. It’s basically a thin adhesive backed vinyl material. After cleaning and prepping the dinghy floor, I applied a large piece of TearAid, and then used a heat gun to accelerate the adhesive curing process. TearAid doesn’t seem that strong so I placed a piece of Kevlar sail repair material on top of that patch and so far things look great!! Not ready to declare total victory yet, but things look good.
  • Yes, I know I really do need to get to work on the heater. Maybe today, but the breeze looks good for kitesurfing so maybe not.


  • This is getting to be fun but exhausting!
  • We arrived, dropped our anchor in the same place it had been for forty days, and within ten minutes a dinghy showed up (thanks Craig) to ferry us over to the cocktail party onboard Solmates.
  • Then yesterday afternoon it was a fun get together onboard Andres and Lizabeth’s (spelling?) boat for stories and sampling of a 15+ year old local Antiguan rum punch recipe.
  • Today, it’s lunch with the anchorage after our takeout burgers and pizza are delivered.
  • Remind me again. Why are we leaving??


  • I did fail to mention that the three of us did wear shoes while ashore in Antigua. So that streak ended after 40+ days.

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