Antigua Days #2 & #3


  • No new cases of Covid-19 on Antigua/Barbuda
  • All grocery provisioning complete after four trips to the grocery store.
  • Empty propane tank refilled.
  • Beverages of all types will no longer be an issue onboard Morpheus.
  • All of our clothes are clean!
  • Heading back to Barbuda now to watch the weather and will head north at first opportunity.


  • We now have more projects rather than less.
  • Once again no progress on the heater.
  • The newest and most urgent project will be repairing a small hole in the high pressure inflatable floor of our dinghy. I dropped the newly refilled propane canister into the dinghy. It bounced once and then landed with the only semi sharp corner down and “pop” the floor had a hole in it. This really is urgent since the dinghy is our “taxi” that takes us everywhere and carries all our stuff to the beach, or town, or another boat. The “high pressure” nature of the floor may make this more difficult than most repairs.


  • Not much to report


  • Low pressure systems continue to leave the Carolinas heading northeast across our intended path.
  • And so, we sit and wait.

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