Antigua Day #1


  • Our trip to Antigua from Barbuda took 4 hours, with no issues
  • We are now anchored outside Jolly Harbor.
  • Covid -19 cases in Antigua/Barbuda remain steady at 24.
  • No new cases for 11 days.
  • We had a very busy day.


  • Two very successful trips to the very well stocked grocery store. One for dry goods, another for non perishables.
  • Dropped off propane tank for refill.
  • Two diesel runs using four five gallon Jerry jugs. Channel depth is too close to our draft. Didn’t want to run aground. Our tanks are now full!
  • Three giant bags of very smelly laundry dropped off in the morning and picked up at night.
  • One successful visit to the local Marine store. Also well stocked.
  • Purchased and installed a new automatic bilge pump sensor. (The old one failed.)
  • Purchased four chicken roti dinners to go from local restaurant. Yum!!


  • Not much
  • Enjoyed our dinner in the cockpit at sunset with rum drinks.


  • First time any of us have seen people on land walking around wearing face masks.
  • First time any of us have wandered around land wearing face masks.
  • First time any of us tried to drink a beer with a mask on!
  • Had to laugh at a couple of locals wearing masks who ran into each other on the street and took their masks off to chat!🙄
  • Yesterday marked the end of Kim’s 7th week onboard with us. 😲

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