Barbuda Day #40


  • It’s moving day!
  • This feels like we are moving out of the neighborhood. Sort of like I was a kid leaving Stamford, Ct. leaving lots of friends for the great unknown.
  • The coast guard has given us permission to leave and return!
  • Current thinking, input from friends (thank you!) and weather reports do not support a rapid departure from the Caribbean.
  • We will watch the weather and depart when it’s safe to do so.
  • For now we are going to go visit a real grocery store and buy lots and lots of real food!! No more freeze dried chicken!!
  • We are not the first to leave. The French boat left at 6am.
  • 14 boats in the harbor.
  • The four boats traveling together with kids leave tomorrow for Antigua we will probably see them there.


  • What projects??


  • We hosted a big farewell cocktail party on the boat last night!! Probably the last we will host or attend for a while.
  • This is absolutely the best kitesurfing location that I have ever visited. I may just retire after this. Can’t even imagine putting on a wetsuit to kite, or dealing with more than one or two other kiters on the water.


  • I landed a 720 jump while kiting yesterday!!👍👍👍

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