Barbuda Day #39


  • Antigua just announced that all covid-19 outstanding tests have been returned. All test negative!!
  • All the same boats are here. Looks like we will be the first to leave when we go tomorrow.
  • Food & Beverage supplies are getting low but I’ve been assured that we have food for at least two weeks. I don’t see it, but then that’s not my job.
  • Three 3ft long Remoras still hanging out under the boat. Time for me to give the bottom a scrub. I won’t lie, they make me nervous.


  • The heater project has been deferred again.
  • Need to clean the bottom of the boat and dinghy
  • Need to remove sunshade and side panels.
  • Time to stow for sailing.


  • Same as the last 39 days.


  • No shoes for 40 days
  • No sailing for 40 days
  • Nobody has ever stayed with us longer than Kim.


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