Barbuda Day #32


Happy 30th Birthday Patrick!!🎂
  • Still 23 cases of Covid-19 in Antigua/Barbuda
  • 15 boats in the anchorage.
  • The Amel 50 that left to visit Antigua returned yesterday. They returned with the medications for Bounty which cost a fraction of what the normal US costs would have been. Maybe Gibb should load up while here?
  • We are basically out of cash. This will make local resupply of groceries very difficult. We may need to journey across to Antigua and unless they loosen the travel restrictions. We may not be able to return to Barbuda!
  • The weather is beautiful just as it has been for the past 32 days. Avg. temp 82 degrees.
  • I may have an infected tooth. This could be very inconvenient. I don’t even want to think about trying to get a dental appointment in a hurry around here.
  • We are beginning to think in terms of heading north to the US mainland in approximately two weeks.


  • Big projects the past two days!
  • We unloaded all of the items in our bow storage area to get to our “passage anchor” which was strapped down in the fore peak.
  • We moved! Well, not very far. We hoisted our “cruising anchor”, swapped it out for the “passage anchor” and then re-anchored in the same spot.
  • after cleaning the storage area, we reloaded all of our gear into the bow. But, rather than sorting for play, it is now packed for passage. Storm sails, safety gear, etc on top.
  • Work continues on the heater exhaust system. With luck I can stretch it out for another few days.
  • Deb has been making bread every day for the past few days!!


  • Kitesurfing off the beach here in Barbuda was as good as I’ve ever experienced. Just fantastic.
  • We met the owner of the Amel 50 yesterday. Gherhart (?) from Austria. Very nice. He and his wife (10 weeks pregnant) are cruising with their two young children (4 & 8 years old). Hope to see more of them.
  • Lots of swimming and walks on the beach.

New Records

  • At this point everything is a record.

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  1. If you remember the movie Cast Away Tom Hanks had a good cure for toothache while in isolation. You may not have an ice skate handy but a winch handle would probably work just as well.


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