Barbuda Day #35


Good News

Collective sigh of relief: No new confirmed COVID-19 cases in 1 week

Still no cases at all on Barbuda.

15 boats in the anchorage, but several boats are thinking hard about moving on. Some heading south hoping to get into Grenada. Others getting ready to sail back to the Med.

The local coast guard kicked another boat out that showed up two evenings ago. They are serious about not allowing new boats.

We should get an update from the local government today/tomorrow regarding the continuing state of quarantine rules. We are expecting a relaxation of some type. Hopefully, it will allow boats to travel back and forth between Antigua and Barbuda.

The social program in the anchorage has become far more active as everyone realizes that we have all been here for over a month!


  • No progress on the project front.
  • The heater exhaust remains half way installed. Need to get on that soon.


  • Well, the pendulum has swung hard to the other side of the scale.
  • After weeks of pretty much all boats and crews staying to ourselves, we almost need a calendar to keep track of all of our social engagements.
  • Gibb and Tory have become leading socialites here in our little world. Each morning they take a long walk on the beach and have managed to meet folks from just about every other boat.
  • Lately, everyone has let their guard down and seem to be making up for lost ground on the social front.
  • Two days ago the catamaran next to us from Alabama decided to invite several boats over for hamburgers and drinks.
  • Those that know Gibb will be surprised by this one. (I think maybe those new drugs he got delivered are not quite right!).
  • He decided to invite all the kids under 12 (and their parents) over to Bounty yesterday evening for a showing of the Disney movie Frozen!
  • There were nine kids below watching the movie and 14 adults from Brazil, Austria, Spain and the US in the cockpit socializing.
  • A Brazilian couple broke out their guitar, tambourine, and assorted other small instruments. Suddenly everyone was singing along to Bob Marley. It was a really good time.
  • Apparently tonight there will be multiple boats getting together for a big game of Cards Against Humanity. That should be interesting…
  • I’ve been enjoying a couple of the best kitesurfing days ever. This place will be very very hard to beat.


  • Gibb invited children to his boat!
  • Kim came for a 10 day visit, and has now been with us for 43 days and counting!!


  1. Jim – your posts continue to entertain me up here in the cold suburbs. You’re right about Gibb inviting kids onto Bounty. Next, you’ll try to tell me had fish for dinner!


  2. Hey Jim, I am loving your posts. So sorry you guys are stuck but it sounds like you found a pretty good place to be stuck. John Arnt mentioned people who left their boats in the BVIs are being told they cannot come get them, but have to hire an agent from the BVIS to move the boat if they want it taken out before hurricane season. I mentioned I knew someone in Barbuda and he asked if you would write something for Latitude 38. Now I know you are kinda busy wit that heater and all…. but if you or Deb could write something for them they sure would appreciate it.

    I hope you don’t kill the messenger, Allison

    Allison Lehman Swiftsure Yachts Cell: 510.912.5800 Fax: 510.860.4640

    Why Swiftsure Yachts? Click to learn more .


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    1. Allison – good to hear from you. Thanks for checking in on us. Generally, all is good but man these are some strange and challenging times!!

      You might just send John to our blog. Not much to say that hasn’t been said there. All photos and text are free for the taking. We are our own least favorite people to write about so generally like keeping a low profile. Hope that’s ok??


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