Barbuda Day #30


Thirty days! Thirty days in the same place! We’ve never done that before, and I hope never will again. Good thing we like it here.

Speaking of things that are hard to believe, things we like, and the number thirty – this Sunday is our son Patrick’s 30th birthday! Wow.

Covid-19 cases in Antigua/Barbuda holding steady at 23

No outstanding tests, and the last batch of tests all came back negative!

14 boats remain in the anchorage. No arrivals and no departures.

The one boat that left for a doctors appointment in Antigua, was able to buy medications that were requested by Bounty! They are scheduled to return today.


  • I’ve never gotten my project list down to zero and I doubt that I will during this stay in Barbuda, so for those of you worried that this list will go empty some day – fear not!
  • I still have major projects like installing a new propane gas control switch/gas sensor, a new propane supply hose for the stove, and if I ever really get brave, I’d like to repaint the transom. You can see that each of these projects carry significant downside risks. That makes them easy to defer and keeps the list populated!
  • Replace Heater Exhaust System – Yesterday’s project was actually 1/3 of a project. I recently found that water had collected in the heaters stainless steel exhaust tube and somehow corroded through. This then allowed the hot exhaust gases to escape the tube and burn through the surrounding fiberglass insulation. NOT GOOD!
  • When back in California last month, I was able to purchase replacement tubing and significantly enhanced insulation to surround it and keep the inside of the boat safe. I also purchased some heat shielding to apply to the hull in areas where the exhaust runs close to the hull. Ultimately, I will have a much safer system.
  • So, yes, I spent the afternoon yesterday during an 83 degree day, crawling around in the super hot “garage” removing the old exhaust tube and installing the new.
  • Today I get to work on the insulation and heat shield. We should have a functional heater by tonight.
  • This is all sort of counter intuitive given our current surroundings. But, as stated previously we do need to get Kim home at some point. That means sailing north and that unfortunately means cold.
  • Oh, did I mention that because of our (pre virus) master plan to leave the boat in the Caribbean this winter, Deb and I put the bulk of our cold weather clothes in storage? We are really going to need to have this heater working!


  • Pete (off Bounty) went kiting yesterday and the coast guard showed up during the time he was on the water. They waved. He waved back. We are now pretty sure that kitesurfing is fine. Unfortunately, the winds have gone light. I will need to wait another day.
  • Short walk on the beach.
  • Sunset cocktail on Bounty.
  • Lots of books.

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