Barbuda Day #29


No new cases of Covid-19 on Antigua/Barbuda

Total cases holding steady at 23

Prime Minister announced that the 24 hour curfew will be extended another week. But, since the hospitals are not overrun right now and fewer people are reporting possible symptoms they have relaxed the rules a bit and now allow for some limited exercise. I will interpret this as kitesurfing is now allowed!

No boats have entered or left our anchorage. Holding steady at 14 boats.

One boat that left two days ago had secured permission to visit Antigua for a doctors visit and then to return. This is promising and several of us are watching carefully to see if he is actually allowed to return. We are all running low on supplies whether that be food, fuel, medications, etc. It would be great to be able to sail to Antigua, shop, resupply and then return to the safety and calm of Barbuda. Plus, it would just be nice to have something to do!


  • Some serious house cleaning
  • I tracked down the leak(s) in my 14m kite. Unfortunately, three of the main bladder valves have failed and three out of five of the kite strut bladders were also bad. They all need to be replaced or the kite needs to be retired.


  • The dinghy drifted off the beach at one point yesterday and those that noticed say they really enjoyed watching me run across the beach, jump in the water, and chase it down while the wind took it faster and faster towards Antigua.
  • Sunset cocktails on Bounty with new friends from Norway
  • Pete has been kiting
  • Lots of movies
  • Evening domino games
  • Swimming behind boat and off beach

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  1. That’s a lot of bladders. On a related note, are you running low on toilet paper like the rest of North America?


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