Barbuda Day #27


No new cases of beer in my dinghy. 😪

Two new cases of Covid-19 on Antigua/Barbuda

Total cases now 23.

No new regulations, next announcement scheduled for Thursday.

I’ll be surprised if the don’t extend things. Why not wipe this out entirely and then open businesses but keep the borders closed until they can figure out how to protect the local community.

2 boats left the anchorage this morning.

14 boats remain.


  • Took my 14 meter kite to the beach and inflated it to test recent repairs. No joy. It is not holding air. Too many months in a hot trailer in california. I suspect the air bladders are toast.
  • We lowered the jib yesterday and repaired two small issues that I was ignoring for the past six months.


  • Took the dinghy to shore and swam/floated off the beach for an hour.
  • Completed the second ten game Morpheus Mexican Train Domino Tournament. Final scores were Deb – 182, Jim – 236, Kim – 274.

New Records

  • Kim Comfort arrived for a ten day visit. She has now been with us for five weeks!
  • Gibb hasn’t worn shoes for four weeks.
  • Last night we tried some of the dehydrated food that we’ve been carrying for emergencies. Beef Stew. It was actually good! Really it was.

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