Barbuda Day #17


No new regulations.

However, six more cases have been reported. All seem to be linked to returning nationals that traveled to Montserrat for St. Patrick’s Day. Could it be that Guinness is bad for you?

Very strange weather. The trade winds have vanished and been replaced by a very light southeasterly breeze. Meanwhile, a huge low pressure system to our north is sending large northerly swells our way. Nobody fell out of bed last night, but it’s a bit rock and rolly here onboard today.


Engine oil change.

Found the mystery fresh water leak. It’s a tricky slow one but I traced it to an internal fitting on our 18 year old hot water heater. Don’t think I can repair it without removing it and that would be a MAJOR project.

We are currently debating the crossover point where we would stop sacrificing water and turn off the hot water heater. Best estimate is that we are losing approximately one gallon per day. How much water would you be willing to lose to continue enjoying hot water?


Dinner onboard Bounty followed by a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity.

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