Barbuda Day #18


Antigua/Barbuda Coronavirus cases – steady at 15

Nothing new on the regulation side of things.

I am reading that on other islands the local officials are banning all “off boat” activity including swimming around your boat? Hopefully, it will not come to that here.


None. Took the day off.

But just noticed that one of our two Watermaker pumps is not working. This is potentially a huge problem for us. This just jumped to the top of my project list for today.


All three of us jumped in the dinghy and went on a snorkeling excursion. Found a couple great spots with healthy coral and lots of fish. Glad to see that places like this still exist.

Hopefully we will be allowed to return. (See update above)

Watched James Bond movie “Skyfall”.


  1. We follow several daily briefings – like Cuemo in NY, Newsom in CA. Not so much the White House ones.
    Our favorite daily is still Morpheus.

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  2. G’day Jim & Deb,

    I have enjoyed reading your various missives and the privations this virus is causing in your lives, which is not so different to being in Sydney, with the exception that so far, no one is forcing us to move along.

    We have been pretty much in isolation from 23rd March, and given that we don’t appear as a statistic on either the cases or deaths list, it must be working. My lady friend, Lorraine and I live apart but have been able to share a few days each week together. The eating and drinking pastime is starting to show a little more on the waistline, but we do generally manage a 30 minute walk each day. I also have some arm waving exercises that I hope provide some benefit.

    Our travel plans have been overturned. We were scheduled to spend 30 days in Vietnam and Cambodia from early May and had plans to drive to Cape York, the northernmost tip of Australia in July / August. I’m still hoping to spend Christmas with my son Mark and his family who live in Chicago, but will have to see how this whole pandemic thing evolves. Might not be any viable airlines left anyway.

    My sailing skipper just celebrated his 85th birthday, but sadly our days on the water have been postponed. His cat is 25 years old now, so we often have “fun” days fixing things like your water heater and water maker. I would put my effort into fixing your water maker, then loosing the gallon a day from the hot water heater is much less of an issue. The two things we all seem to value most in our lives are a hot shower and a cold drink! Better make sure the fridge is in good order too.

    So far, my four families are all OK, managing to retain their employment and income. My family in the UK are in the prime age range for bad outcomes, but currently, all are fine too. Hope that is the same for your loved ones.

    Enjoy your snorkelling trips and keep the daily updates flowing, they add colour to my daily routines.

    Stay safe……..Tom

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