Barbuda Day #16


Good news.

Antigua/Barbuda released new figures yesterday and over the past week there have only been 2 new cases. This is much better than we had been led to believe. We are relieved. 85 people in quarantine though.


After 18 years of wondering why our deck hatches we’re mounted with the opening facing aft, I finally reached the point where I had the time and motivation to do something about it.

Yesterday was all about carefully removing one hatch, cleaning/removing ALL of the old sealant, drilling new holes (I hated that part!) and reinstalling the hatch with the opening facing forward.

The result? A fantastic force 4 cooling breeze being sent into the cabin below! 🌬☃️ A major improvement. Why did I wait so long?


Bounty’s captain Pete and I went snorkeling/lobster hunting. Saw three lobster, caught zero. Fantastic snorkeling though. Coral that was actually alive. Tons of fish, and two rays. Sorry no pictures. Will bring my camera next time.


James Bond. Quantum of Solace. Is there anyone out there that does not agree that Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever?

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