Saba Rock – Status

There are lots of folks wondering about the current status of Saba Rock Resort, and The Bitter End Yacht Club.

Deb took a bunch of photos that show some of what is going on.

At Saba, workers are busy every day building the new resort.  It appears that the new basic structure is in place and work is focused on roofs, walls, and internals like plumbing and electricity.  It is all exposed concrete and metal at this point, with no aesthetic detailing at this point.  The bottom line, it looks like things still have a ways to go here but it’s happening!!

The NEW Saba Rock

As for a reopening, I think we’ve got a ways to go.  Probably not this cruising season.  Here is a link to a recent article.

The Bitter End Yacht Club is a different story.  Things seem to be moving along much more slowly here.  Of course, the BEYC grounds were significantly bigger than Saba’s so clean up was a huge project.  Then a long process to come up with a plan for what they are calling BEYC 2.0.  The focus now is on the waterfront, and we get the feeling that the days as a full-fledged “resort” may be past.  They mention nothing in their updates regarding rooms, restaurants, etc.  Here is a link to their most recent update.

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