Virgin Gorda with Bounty

For a few fun days, Deb and I hung out with Gibb and Tory Kane and their gang onboard Bounty while anchored in Virgin Gorda’s North Sound.

This has always been our favorite destination in the Virgin Islands and while it was still a great visit, it was also very different given that our two favorite hangouts, the Bitter End Yacht Club, and Saba Rock were still a long way from returning after being totally destroyed by the hurricane a few years ago.

The area between these two spots normally has close to 100 moorings full of visiting boats.  This time there were exactly zero boats here.

The Bitter End Yacht Club appears to have cleared away the old destruction but has barely begun any type of restoration.  Some wonder if it will ever return.

Saba Rock is well on its way to being rebuilt and from the looks of things we are happy to report that the new Saba Rock will be very similar to the one destroyed by the hurricane.  However, from the state of construction, we doubt that the reopening party will take place during this winter season.

The NEW Saba Rock

On the positive side, this was the best visit for kitesurfing that I have ever had to Virgin Gorda.  I’ve spent weeks waiting for good winds with very little luck, but this time I was kiting every day in some very very good winds!!


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