Antigua and Flying Dinghys

Antigua is home to some of the most beautiful sailing and motor yachts imaginable.  Eos, Skat, etc.  Sailboats that are 200 – 300 feet long and need a crew of 20…

All of these boats have a plethora of toys in their garages.  Jet skies, SeaBob’s, Jet Boards,  foiling Jet Boards, slides, trampolines and more.  Le Gran Blue even has a daysailer she carries around on deck that is 2 feet longer than Morpheus.  The point of all this is that a few days ago, we saw a boat toy that topped them all.  A flying dinghy.  For the yacht that has everything….

We were sitting at anchor, having a quiet afternoon, when we heard a very loud dinghy startup.  we searched around and saw a dingy with a wing attached,  no way it could fly.  No way!  But after about 30 yards at max RPMs, off it goes.  It flew for about 20 minutes, circling Falmouth Harbour, doing touch and go’s, then finally landed, smooth as silk.



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