Block Island – Days 4 & 5

Onthe water, the last two days of race week were very similar to one another.  Very light sub 10kt winds, sometimes no wind, a bit of current, and competition that came to race.  The writing was on the wall, and our already conservative expectations were ratcheted down a bit more.

We did, however, adjust our goals for the week to not only include “just have fun”, but also “don’t come in last”!

We were still there to give it our best, and while we were not going to set any course records, we decided to try adjusting our attitude a bit.  So, the stereo came on, the cold beverages flowed, and eventually, we decided that I needed to be replaced on the bow!!   We put Skipper Helme up there for the last race and things seemed to go quite a bit better.

Ultimately, we achieved our goals and did not come in last.

On shore, though things were different.

We exceeded our fun objectives consistently.  Thursday night turned into our “big night out”.  Too big perhaps for a couple of us as both Pops and I crashed our bicycles within feet of one another on the way home for reasons that we simply can not understand.  Perhaps it was a case of the ever elusive but often referenced “gravity storm”??

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