Baking at the Cabin…

We are back at the cabin in Twain Harte, and I’m using this opportunity to do some test cooking for the boat.  First on the experiment list was Trail Bars!

I just finished making a test batch of Fruit and Nut Kind Bars. OMG! So good, and easy. Good, Healthy Trail Bars are impossible to find in Europe. (I have been able to find only the “candy” type.) I made mine “healthy-er” by using a mix of Agave, honey, brown rice and ginger syrups. Also, the puffed millet was had to find so I used puffed flax with chia from Whole Foods.  We’ll see how the recipe “Morphs”  (Sorry.  I had too)  in Europe due to availability of ingredients, and my ability to translate “puffed millet” into Greek.  I’ll update the blog when I make them on the boat.



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