Ten Years of Mostly Losing

It’s almost time to return to Morpheus, and for the past few years that has meant that it is time to pay off my annual football bet with Pete McCormick.

Tonight is the night!!

Pete McCormick and I have had our Cal vs. Oregon Football bet going now for ten years!!

It started pretty well for me…

Pete at Oregon Game
I love this picture!


But things took a turn for the worse in 2009, and I have been suffering ever since

2015/11/07  California   28  -  Oregon       44 L    
2014/10/24  California   41  -  Oregon       59 L    
2013/09/28  California   16  -  Oregon       55 L    
2012/11/10  California   17  -  Oregon       59 L    
2011/10/06  California   15  -  Oregon       43 L    
2010/11/13  California   13  -  Oregon       15 L    
2009/09/26  California    3  -  Oregon       42 L    
2008/11/01  California   26  -  Oregon       16 W    
2007/09/29  California   31  -  Oregon       24 W    
2006/10/07  California   45  -  Oregon       24 W   


My luck has to change eventually, right??  Cal’s time will come, won’t it?

In the meantime Pete, enjoy your beers tonight while you laugh at me wearing yet another ridiculous piece of Oregon Ducks “athletic” wear!!  But, don’t laugh to loudly.  

Your time will come.

Go Bears!!!





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