Our tentative schedule from here…

Many people have asked us about our schedule between the Canal and Block Island Race Week.

Well, to tell you the truth, we didn't think much about it prior to passing through the Canal. To us the Panama Canal was a huge goal that we somehow had trouble believing we'd really get to.

But, now the time has come. So, here is our best guess in very general terms.

Working backwards for us…

1) Arrive NYC – May 15th
2) Arrive Key West – April 1st
3) Arrive Puerto Rico/Jamaica – March 15th
4) Arrive Cayman Islands – Feb 25th
5) Arrive Islands off Belize – Feb 10th
6) Northbound passage and Misc. Ports off Columbia and Honduras – Jan 15 – Feb 5th
7) Canal and San Blas Islands – Jan 1 – Jan 15th

We are having a great time with our current visitors and hope that more of you will decide to join us along the way. As always, we are willing to try to alter our schedule/destinations in order to best fit your visit schedules.

Come see us!!


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