Hasta la Vista…

Well, today was an eventful day. The quick replay of the day is that we dropped Bob and Lynn off at the airport to catch a shuttle back to Pananma city to go back to SF. Easy…

In reality, yesterday we left our lovely group of Islands, which on charts are called the Hollandaise islands in the San Blas Islands, but we renamed Post Card Island, Beer Island, Rum Island (our Favorite) and Scary Bug Island (Our LEAST Favorite!), and sailed for El Povenir, the San Blas Island that has an air port on it. Or may be an air strip is more accurate…NO… how about an air Post-it. Bob and Lynn had to catch their 4pm flight from Panama to SF, but we were having such a good time that we kinda failed to make reservations on the 10 person, 7 am flight from El P to P city. Stress was a little higher than usual on the boat last night, maybe a 1 on a scale on 1 – 10, but we knew all would be well as our Secret Agent Man Pete was working on trying to get Bob and Lynn on the oversold plane. I made sure the boat was safe (Zzzzzzzzzz….) as everyone else went to the island at 6am!!! The plane came in at 6:45 sharp and took off at 7…. but no Jim and Kim back to the boat. Obviously Bob and Lynn didn't make the plane. But, suddenly, another plane comes in and takes the most of the rest of the people waiting, including Bob and Lynn off to the real world!

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