Holy Molas, Batman!

So, we have made it to the San Blas Islands, which are slightly South East of the Panama Canal, and have found the postcard. Beautiful palm lined, sugar sand islands with protective reefs around them, but none of the books and charts can agree what to call them, so we have started to come up with our own names. The trade winds are still pretty gentle, enough to keep the boat from swinging too much around our anchor, but not enough for Jim to kite. He's bumming, but I'm not!

We are enjoying having friends on board. Bob B. and Jim have been working on multiple projects on the boat, speaking funny languages that have to due with amps and wiring and mast head lights that haven't lived up to their 4,000 nights, while Kim has been making some of the most awesome dinners ever experienced on Morpheus.

Yesterday was very busy. The adventures started by us girls taking the dingy into Mola Island, the closest inhabited island to go Mola shopping. (MOLA – A 3,4 or 5 layer fabric panels embellished with reverse applique and embroidery, made by the Kuna people). We got 2/3 of the way to the island, which is the size of an indoor soccer field, and the motor died. Not enough fuel to the engine. So Kim squeezed the fuel line, and I restarted the engine every 100 feet, and we made it. We walked to the 2 little huts and found the 5 Kuna people setting out their wares for us to peruse. We had a good time choosing our Molas and watching the kids check out Ita. They told us how the boats from the day before had shared a lunch of smoked fish with them. I said cool, and we left really fast. I've done my share of local villages lunches in Figi, Dog Food Soup never to be repeated. We then retrieved the dingy, which was floating away, and squeezed and started our way back to the boat. Jim changed the fuel line, and all was well.

After lunch, we all went to Beer Island and went snorkeling, shell collecting and had…A Beer! Then stopped at Free Range Chicken for a cocktail and a shot of A/C. Then back to the boat for an awesome Chicken Curry and long, all night game of Shower Scurry, the game you play with each rain shower that comes through. Hatches open, talking on deck, RAIN, scramble below to close all hatches, RAIN STOPS, back up on deck, open all hatches…RAIN….REPEATE.

That's about it for now. All is good. BTW. We will be doing a 5 day upwind schlep from here to Hoduras about the 13th. Anyone up for a passage?


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