Henri Rips 1BI from her Mooring!

Most likely, if you’ve followed this blog at all you know that Block Island is special place for us. And this buoy which normally marks the end of the reef on the northern corner of the island has been one of my “NorthStars”. I’m always happy to see it and when I pass it I know that I am back in “home waters”.

Henri passed right over Block Island. I haven’t been able to get any updates from or about the island post Henri. But the fact that this buoy is on a mainland beach very near Pt. Judith suggests that things were not easy on Block Island.

If anyone has heard a post hurricane status please let us know…


  1. So glad you are all safe and intact
    We’re in UK dealing with Chris’ parents having Covid and after all our failed attempts to get here having to isolate! My mother fled to my brothers incase we have it. Ughhh! However no-one has become really sick and the back up from the NHS is amazing, so after 6 days of free daily tests we feel confident that we didn’t get it and all is well. Had to delat our departure to France but are back on track to leave Sept 6, watch this space xxxxx


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