Block Island Race Week 2021

Mission Accomplished!!

Many of you know that this bi-annual regatta is at the top of my all time list.

Block Island was a favorite family cruising destination when I was young. I did my first Race Week in 1979 and have only missed two since then. This was my 19th, and my third with Morpheus.

This is the very rare regatta where nobody goes home between races. We are all living on a small island and the result is a VERY social week of sailing hard and partying harder.

In the past, I’ve been lucky to have a great time sailing with friends while doing very well on the race course. In 1987, while sailing with Lyn & Peggy Comfort we were actually the #2 boat overall in a fleet of close to 275 boats! With Gibb Kane on Mutiny we were division winners on multiple occasions.

But, with Morpheus on our previous two attempts we only managed to get the “fun” part right and were less than successful on the race course.

So, that elusive combination of doing well on the race course and having a great time ashore was very much a bucket list goal for me. Plus, I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving the East Coast without showing what Morpheus could really do.

Luckily, it all came together for us this time!!

A great crew, a boat ready to race after being emptied of all her “cruising amenities”, and sailing conditions that favored our strengths and helped to cover up our weaknesses.

First place in division and podiums every day!!

Many thanks to our great crew that made it happen..

  • Debra Gregory (Mrs. Morpheus!)
  • Bob Gregory
  • Jeff Krag
  • Joe Hawkins
  • Dr. Joe (McCoy)
  • Johnny Ryan
  • John Callahan
  • Tracy Usher
  • Brian Comfort
  • Travis (The Undefeated Dog!)


  1. Travis – 2 races, 2 bullets.

    While the Baby Bjorn was a funny joke this year (Travis strapped to your chest while you drove the boat), it will be mandatory equipment for the Defence.

    Travis 2023!


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