The Easy Part Is Done!

Deb and I arrived in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday one day late, but after a cross country drive that was easy, more interesting than expected, and the chance to visit family and friends along the way.

9-MaySan DiegoSan Diego
11-MayEl PasoAlbuquerque
12-MayFort WorthOaklahoma City
18-May Jacksonville

From here, Deb and I split up and hopefully complete a long list of activities that eventually get the two of us and Morpheus to Block Island for Storm Trysail’s Block Island Race Week during the third week of June.

Today , we get to hang out with our son Christopher who is currently living here in Jacksonville.

Tomorrow, we drive South to Miami where we will meet up with friends – JC, Susu, Andrew and Liz.

Thursday, I fly north to spend the weekend putting Morpheus’ mast back together and getting it ready to go back in the boat.

On Sunday, I fly back to Miami and hop on JC & Susu’s boat to spend the next week onboard with JC, Tracy Usher, and my brother Bob delivering her North to Newport.

During all of this, Deb and son Chris will be driving North trying to find potential new locations for Chris to live. Chris currently has a job doing remote programming work and can live just about anywhere. He is not currently a fan of Florida. Hopefully, he can find a place near Newport for the summer so we can all spend some time together.

If all of this goes well, Deb and I will be reunited in Newport, RI. on or about June 1st and it will be a full court press to get Morpheus back in the water, mast stepped, cruising stuff temporarily stored, racing stuff back onboard, and delivered to Block Island for the start of Race Week on June 21st!

Lot’s of moving pieces. Hopefully, all will come together.


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