Obstacles In Our Path

Somebody must not want us to get to the East Coast.

First there is the gasoline pipeline shutoff that has a few states along our route running out of gas.

And then,

There was the Route 40 Mississippi River bridge closure due to a large crack found the evening prior to our arrival yesterday. And it wasn’t just a small crack. A huge steel beam was broken in half.

Not only have they closed the bridge to traffic, they have also blocked ships from passing under the bridge. This will be a problem for a while.

We need to be cautious from here and keep our eyes open for additional obstacles.


  1. We were thinking about buddy boating with you this summer in RI or Maine, maybe sailing S for the Caribbean in November and meeting up for New Years in the BVI’s.
    Now we are rethinking getting anywhere close to you. Magnets for trouble is what you are.
    Always running into unexpected gales, covid quarantine’s, batteries that has to be carried off Morpheus right before exploding and general mayhem. It has your name written all over it . Last we did a buddy boat experience we ran into a epic lighting storm off Barcelona that just about electrocuted us all! Now we are supposed to follow in your footsteps across country with a trailer, experiencing no fuel and cracking bridges? We don’t think so.

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    1. Life is always an adventure with us. And tell me you didn’t have a freakin good time in Barcelona once we got there! Fire parades! Food! €1 beers! Yeah Baby!

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  2. It’s not that the gods are not wanting you on the east coast, they just want you to take your time crossing this beautiful country of ours😉

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  3. I hear Iowa is beautiful this time of year. Then you can cruise through southern IL, IN and OH, all garden spots. But it would be a shame to miss Memphis, home of the original Gus’ World Famous Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken, and BB King if you like that kinda thing!


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