Should I stay or Should I go?

Plan? What plan?

“The Plan” has always been subject to review. But, this is a pretty serious potential change.

As the heat, humidity, and Covid-19 case count has been climbing here in South Carolina, staying here has become far less attractive. The climate is challenging to say the least. Yesterday, I got out of an air conditioned car and my sunglasses immediately fogged up!! What’s up with that??

And, to be perfectly honest, I am running out of boat chores and starting to get a bit bored!

I did a bit of price comparison, and found that long term storage for Morpheus in a couple of the boatyards in CT. and RI. is actually cheaper that down here. That came as a big surprise. Those same boatyards are visited often by folks that I know and so Morpheus checkups would be easy.

So yes, I am thinking about going sailing again!!

The most significant reason NOT to sail North is the fact that this virus situation makes getting crew a non starter. So, I’d be making the trip solo. Even so, the “normal” weather conditions make it a downwind trip in light to moderate winds. And, I can break the trip up into three or four segments.

I change my mind back and forth about this every day so standby for a final decision sometime between now and Thursday.

Feel free to send your thoughts on this my way!

Sailing with the Callahans

Chris and I enjoyed a very nice afternoon sail this past weekend with John and Susu Callahan onboard their boat “Epique”. Maybe this is what got me started thinking about sailing again?? Thanks to Susu for all of the photos in this post!

No Post would be complete without…


  1. A difficult decision, but seems to me that South Carolina is only going to get worse. They have not been taking Covid seriously and are now going to see the consequences.

    Good luck!

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  2. JIm,
    What about going to Annapolis or Harrington Harbor in Tracy’s Landing, MD. The water is a little skinny entering HH but the North Harbor has full yacht facilities and the South Harbor is a nice marina. It is quite a bit closer then CT or RI and there is easy access to airports, that is if you ever want to step foot in one again!

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    1. I think the fact that I can put Morpheus in a yard that friends frequent is worth the extra miles. Plus, to be honest the potential to stop in at Block Island and Newport is very tempting!!


  3. Rhode Island 👍
    How much does the house draw? Nice little/med size yard in Barrington, if she’s not to deep to haul out. (Stanley’s Boat Yard)

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  4. Some thoughts….

    Charleston is closer to the Caribbean come November
    Charleston is closer to California by truck if Caribbean cruising is covid impaired during the winter
    Charleston does not freeze if Morpheus has to have a covid winter off from cruising

    Just saying.

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    1. All good points but you failed to also mention that S.C. will charge me property tax if I’m there past 180 days. Also, I somehow doubt that I will be returning to the Carib next season. BIRW is closer to ct/Newport next June.


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