Decision Made

I’m heading north tomorrow!! Follow along via the “current position” link at the top of this blog, or at

I’m hoping for a very boring passage as its just me onboard. The forecast says super light (as in burning diesel) until at least July 4th and then just “regular” light after that!

Here are the factors that changed my mind relative to storing the boat in South Carolina.

  • It’s unbelievably hot down here! I purchased a 1200 btu portable AC unit, and covered all windows with reflective material like you use on the dash of your car. It’s still just barely livable down below. Going outside during the day, not a good idea.
  • Covid-19 – We called it on Memorial Day and now this area is really in trouble. When we arrived Charleston County had daily new covid cases in the single digits. Today the number was something like 383!! It’s bad, and getting worse in a hurry. Suddenly, lots of people are wearing masks and the streets are nearly empty. Good idea!! If I’m 20 miles offshore by myself, I’m thinking I’ll be pretty safe.
  • South Carolina charges out of state boats property tax if you stay in the state more than 180 days. There is a good chance we will be out of the water that long and I don’t need an extra bill.
  • We have lots of friends in and around Newport that live there 12 months a year. I’ll feel good knowing that these folks can and will take a look at Morpheus for us from time to time while we are away. Maybe, if I’m nice they will even send me photos?

So, that’s it. On my way tomorrow. Block Island/Newport here we come!!

PS. Extra points to anyone that recognizes the boat in the picture at the top of this post!


  1. This has been the topic of some discussion for us. You just sounded so done and weary with Charleston. Now you sound excited again. Hope you have a good trip north.

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    1. Exactly. The weather and Covid situation have made this place VERY unattractive!! Plus, major projects are done so I am bored. I need a new adventure and want to go sailing!!! I learned how to sail in CT. and love the cruising in the NE. Block Island is my favorite spot, so heading that way makes my day!!


  2. Jim-Best of luck on your trip to Block Island/Newport. Solo is challenging but fun. Can maybe go about 120 miles a day then a nights sleep b4 continuing? Looks like 660 nmi. Wondering if you will go up ICW or offshore route?
    Good trip!

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    1. Doug! Good to hear from you. How’s your boat doing?? This virus must be taking some of the fun out of potential visits to watch your baby take shape!! Yes, 100-120nm are about all I can cover between sunrise and sunset. I may go overnight one night but two might be a stretch. ICW way to shallow. Offshore for Morpheus!!


  3. Sounds like you are going direct, but if something happens and you need to stop in Chesapeake Bay let me know. I will be glad to help.

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    1. Thanks Mark. I may pick your mind regarding a safe anchorage near the entrance to the Chesapeake if I get super tired. Otherwise, trying to make leg two a long journey to Cape May where I may meet reinforcements!!


      1. Closest safe harbor would be Little Creek, Cobb’s Marina. It is very close to Norfolk Airport (ORF). 36 55.350n / 076 11.300w.

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  4. Good Luck Jim! Sail safely. We look forward to seeing you anchored off our dock in a few days!!!!! XoPeggy

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  5. Hey Jim,

    I like your thinking. Wishing you an uneventful sail/motor north. How much sleep do you get at a stretch single handing that distance?

    As you’ve probably heard, CA is having its own spike in COVID cases and hospitalizations as well. We are heading toward Yosemite to social distance in a tent on US forest land. See you later this month I hope.


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    1. Thanks Joe. I try to define a virtual circle of safety around the boat anytime I nap. As long as we can’t hit land, or another boat seen on AIS or radar during my time asleep we are good. I have both AIS and Radar proximity alarms set to wake me up if I guess wrong! Typically, I will set an alarm to wake me up every 30-45 minutes. A quick check of the radar, AIS, sails and/or motor and I’m out for another similar nap. It works pretty well.


      1. Just sent a note on your web page, but will send it again here. After skimming the above, suggest you try the town of Cape Charles, a few miles inside the Chesapeake. There is a good marina, well protected, and you can tie up at a floating pier.

        If you continue up the Chesapeake, drop a note and I will sail out to say hello.

        BTW, the boat in your newsletter is Mutiny, Gibb Kane’s NYYC 42. I wondered what happened to that boat!

        Have a safe trip!

        -Jeff Wightman e-mail:

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      1. Hi, Jim-

        Same thing happened, so resending here. Noticed a few minutes ago that you have entered the Chesapeake, and seem to be northbound.

        Here is an offer: you can come in to Oxford, MD and tie up at Tred Avon YC as my guest. I will pick you up to go into Easton and re-provision. (I live in Easton and keep the boat in Oxford.)

        Oxford is about 30 nm from Annapolis, on the Eastern Shore, but we have a very low incidence of The Plague here, and about everyone has been diligent in wearing masks, etc.

        Let me know, be happy to help. Tel#: 609-618-0922

        Or e-mail.




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