WTF! Do I Have a Target on my Back?

In ten years, we have been hit glancing or not so glancing blows by seven hurricanes or tropical storms. Plus, a few other storms that didn’t quite earn named status!

What’s up with that? We’ve followed all the long standing advice about where and when to travel to avoid these things and they just keep coming!!

We just left the Caribbean three weeks ago to get out of the high risk area for these storms, and already we’ve had close calls with two named tropical storms. (the ONLY two this season no less!)

The first one was Arthur which formed over the Bahamas the day after we said past them and crossed our path 24 hours behind us.

The next was this crazy storm named Bertha. We went to bed Tuesday night with no indication that trouble might be brewing. The next morning we woke to torrential rains and found that a tropical storm (Bertha) had formed just offshore!!

Bertha was upgraded by the NOAA/NWS National Hurricane Center directly from invest to named-storm status at 8:30 am EDT Wednesday, and it made landfall around 9:30 am EDT near Mount Pleasant, NC, just northeast of Charleston only 8 miles away!

Maximum sustained winds were estimated to be 50 mph at landfall and were kept at that range with the 11 am EDT advisory, when Bertha’s small center was located about 15 miles inland, just west of Georgetown.

We are a hurricane magnet!!


  1. Yeah, and they say lightning doesn’t strike twice and we’ve been hit twice. Stay safe.

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